Top Travel Apps of 2019

Here it is. A list of travel apps and websites that I just can’t live without in 2019

Peruse the list and don’t leave for your next trip without these amazing travel resources.

#1 Rome2Rio

I absolutely love this app. Rome2Rio gives users every transportation option (airlines, bus, train, subway, ferry, etc.) to get from point A to point B with prices and timelines for each. It makes travel planning so much easier!

#2 Uber/Lyft/Train/Subway

I always have Uber and Lyft apps available, but if traveling to a big city I also download a public transportation app or two to help me navigate seamlessly.... or something like that?

#3 Google Maps

In addition to the obvious uses, this app was a life saver when we were in Rome because the bus driver never announced which stop we were at. I opened the app and followed the blue dot to track our progress and upcoming exit. Without it, we wouldn't have known when to exit until last minute, if at all.

#4 ID90 Travel

After trying so many booking sites, I landed on ID90 Travel for the win. 90% of the time they have the best prices on hotels, car rentals, and cruises over extreme competition such as Expedia, Kayak, Costco Travel, and Booking. After downloading the app, use this invite link to receive $10 off your first hotel booking. If you're on a laptop, just click the invite link to be taken to their website.

#5 VRBO/AirBnb

If not staying in a hotel, I love to use these popular home rental sites. Having the app makes it so convenient to book places and communicate with renters on the road.

#6 United/Delta/Southwest

If flying, you must have the app for your favorite airline. I currently have Delta and United, but you know your go-to flight favorites. In addition to having all of the flight info, many of them also include airport maps, bag tracking options, and in flight entertainment.

#7 XE Currency

I use this app before and during my travels to convert US dollars into the local currency. It's especially handy when standing at an airport ATM wondering how much exactly is 20,000 francs?!?

#8 Mobile Passport

Since I usually travel with my husband and kids I haven't invested in Global Entry, but with less than a 2 hour connection when entering a new country it can be very stressful. Mobile Passport speeds us through the customs line similar to Global Entry but without the $100 per person fee.

#9 FlightRadar24

This handy app tracks planes everywhere. It's useful if you're picking someone up from the airport, dropping someone off, or if you're the passenger in the airport. Enter any airport city and see the arrivals/departures board. Or, if you really want to sound smart, track the plane flying overhead. Real time tracking for all your flight needs.

#10 Google Translate

I love using this app to learn a few phrases in a new language before landing in that country. It's also great for reading signs or just communicating when English is not the second language.

Leave a comment below if you have a favorite app that I missed. Happy travels!!!

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