How to Dress for the Cold Weather - Montana Living

Are you wondering how to dress for cold weather? Whether you’re planning a short visit or a move to a cold weather location, you will need to know some basics for staying warm. Let me show you the clothes I wear to stay warm in Montana and even enjoy the snowy outdoors.

What to Pack for Rim to Rim - 1 Day Grand Canyon Hike

If hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim is on your bucket list, you are in good company. Of the millions of visitors to the park only the most committed few will embark upon this journey into the canyon below. So, how can one properly pack for a successful journey?

How to Train for Rim to Rim Hike 1 Day Grand Canyon - 4 Methods, 4 Results North Kaibab Bright Angel

Of the five million + annual visitors to the Grand Canyon less than 1% of them will dare to embark on this journey to explore the depths of the canyon below. Of those who try, approximately 250 will need to be rescued each year. So, is a one day rim to rim hike a good idea and if so, how can one properly train for a successful journey?

Tips for Biking Going to the Sun Road

It’s no secret that Going to the Sun Road is a prime highlight of Glacier National Park. Driving the road tops most bucket lists, but there is a special time of year where residents and visitors alike can bike Going to the Sun road without vehicular traffic. This is one of my favorite yearly activities. Those willing to...

Winter Driving - What You Need to Know

Are you wondering how to drive in Winter conditions? Are you considering moving to a snowy location from a sunny locale? Or, are you visiting a snowy destination in Winter? Don’t worry. Once you know a few basics of Winter driving you will be able to maneuver the roads like a pro. These recommendations are geared towards Montana Winter driving conditions, however they can be adjusted as needed for any state.

Avalanche Lake Hike Glacier National Park

If you are looking for a great day hike in Glacier National Park, look no further than Avalanche Lake Trail. The Avalanche Trail location in West Glacier, paired with low elevation gain and a nice blend of scenery make this one of the most popular trails in Glacier National Park. This hike begins on the Trail of the Cedars and is 6.7 miles roundtrip (this can be shortened a bit if desired) with a mild elevation gain of 757 feet.