3 Days in Cape Town

Cape Town tops the “favorites list” of travelers everywhere. With it’s amazing beaches, thriving waterfront, mountains, wineries, and outdoor activities it’s easy to see why this city is a top travel destination.

Fast, Easy, Affordable, and Professional Logo Design

Are you struggling to design a professional logo and unable to pay a designer? If so, you understand this small business challenge intimately. For a fast, easy, affordable and professional logo design look no further than DesignEvo. With DesignEvo you can drag and drop icons, text, and shapes into a new design. You can easily change background colors, foreground colors, and sizes before previewing your new design on t-shirts, mugs, office walls, and journals, turning your previous struggle into a fun new prospect.

Airport Scavenger Hunt Minneapolis MSP

Have a long layover or delayed flight in Minneapolis MSP? Get the kids moving with this airport photo scavenger hunt.

Airport Scavenger Hunt Salt Lake City SLC

Have a long layover or delayed flight in Salt Lake City (SLC)? Get the kids moving with this airport photo scavenger hunt.

Glacier National Park - What to Pack

In 2016 nearly 3 million people visited Glacier National Park. If you're planning a trip to Glacier National Park and don't know what to pack let me help you with this list. I will cover what to pack for your trip so your suitcase isn't full of items you won't need. Whether hiking, camping, or just driving through Glacier National Park I've got you covered. I live near Glacier National Park and visit often so my list has been refined over time.

South African Safari on a Budget

You don't need $6,000+ per person to experience a South African Safari. Drive through Kruger National Park and photograph elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes, hyena, cape buffalo, rhinos and hunt for the elusive cheetah and leopard all for a fraction of the cost.